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1:1 YOGA

The Joys of Yoga

The Private Session allows you to dive deeper into your yoga practice. With the focus to reconnect and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. These sessions are tailor made to your needs, whether its an emphasis is on alignment and breath or a focus on calming and grounding a busy mind then we can develop a practice personal to you. 1:1 sessions give you the space to practice self-care, something which we tend to ignore in a world of work, routines, families and other external pressures. Please contact me to discuss how these 1:1 sessions can support you. This is a popular one, so go ahead and book today.

1:1 sessions work best when booked in blocks of 4. This encourages commitment, purpose and willingness to show up to your practice and to yourself, see it as an investment to your higher self.

Please get in touch to book a free consultation, from which we will discuss how we can best develop a practice to meet your needs. I pride myself on striving to work in a person centred approach, to ensure that your needs are at the heart of your practice.

You also have the option if practicing with me from the comfort of your own home. If you feel more comfortable we can set up 1:1 zoom sessions, otherwise location of 1:1 will be discussed when we first touch base.

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Linda Scase-Jones

I really look forward to my 1:1 yoga sessions with Alex – no matter how busy my day/week has been, Alex manages to quickly get me to focus inward until the sense of peace spreads throughout my mind and my body.

Each session is different and Alex is sensitive both to my individual needs and my level of ability. Her knowledge, enthusiasm and patience engender
trust and acceptance.
She has a lovely calming manner and a gentle voice that guides each session through breathing exercises and yoga poses, slowly awakening and nourishing the body whilst
creating a stillness within.
I leave each session feeling energised and balanced, with a renewed sense of wellbeing.
Alex’s 1:1 sessions really do replenish the mind, body and soul ♥

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'Believe you can and you are halfway there'

Theodore Roosevelt

SOUL 1;1


Soul 1:1 is a true deep dive into your practice. If you are just starting out or wanting to develop your practice, then these sessions are ideal. Truly bespoke in nature and focussed on your needs these sessions aim to inspire and support you to support yourself. These sessions are available in blocks of 4



With soul zoom you have access to everything from soul 1:1 but from the comfort of your own home. You may find that you are happier in your own space, and want to bring the magic of yoga directly into your home.
These sessions are available in blocks of 4.



Soul activation are 1 off sessions that consist of breath work, physical asana and mediation, guided by my teaching in traditional tantric hatha yoga. These sessions aim to reignite your soul and passion for life.

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